Monday, October 5, 2009

not new news but surprising to me

So this whole time this month that ive been getting excruciating pain in my abdomen turns out its because of gallstones, having a gallbladder attack is tres not cool. I'm all settled into my new place and have had a lot of interviews, now the challange is being well enough to work at one of these places. Seriously what a pain in my ass. I just wish that I could go like a week without feeling fatigued or feeling so sick that I can't get out of bed. I've been dealing with a lot of mood swings lately and I feel bad for Jeremy for having to deal with that but at the same time he isn't always helping the situations in which I'm getting upset. I'm sure things will be fine when I get settled into a job and am not cooped up in the place ALL the time, but until then I suppose I'm going to be miserable with myself and everyone else. P/s/ apparently I may not have the chance to get my gallbladder out until January, I'l be hearing back from the doctors office later this week. Fucking Doctors....oh well atleast they know whats wrong and how to fix it, I'm just getting pissed off at having to be on pain meds all the bloody time, it can't be good for the kidneys or liver thats for sure.