Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 2009

So its not quite Christmas or New years yet but I figured that a wrap up blog is definately in order. Lets see we'll start with the fact that my medical expenses went through the roof! Being off work since September...attempting to work at the Gap in October, things were getting more and more intrest collected on them. Our room mates were always fighting and this was becoming a strain on mine and Jeremy's nerves and relationship. We had had enough of Jeremy not being able to get any road experience. Jeremy's parents agreed to help us out until we could get back on our feet. However our living there was apparently disruptive to their lifestyle so we found a place our own in the same city. Jeremy is taking a break from looking for trucking jobs and is currently working for Pete Wall Carpentry. I got a job at Pharmasave and my first day was this last friday that past. My second day is tomorrow and I'm quite excited about it, I'm a cashier there and everyone I've spoke to seems really nice a close nit crew :)
I'm tired I will have part 2 of the wrap up after Christmas!

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