Friday, December 3, 2010

it is two days after my birthday, i am highly intoxicated and feel like creating a post.. This is probably going to take a lot longer because i am fixing all of my typing incorrections as i go along. What to say, well i got a new mattress that willl hopefully help with my fibromyalgia. the reason why i am so drunk is because i had way too much to drink at boston pizza, the real question is who is reading this? the government? well yes i am a human being, just because i have a handicap doesnt mean i cannot live, my cousins? Yes I am doing better then normal and just the same I am too sick to work and lead a normal life, its depressing but i am dealing with it.
AS for the definition of Fibromyalgia, it is a system of uncontrollable and unpredictable pain that chooses to show up whenever it feels like it. Sometimes it feels like i have been hit by a car other times it just feels like i am being cut like a pig. In my opinion as ofthis moment I must be the strongest mofo on this planetG.S.P. has nothing on me his 10 minute plus recovery time is nothing compared to the past 10 years of pain i have been in.
Am I happy, absolutely, I am on cloud freaking nine because I am an extraordinary person and this "pain" has got nothing on me, mofo I am the strongest 22year old you will speak to all night, the feeling of haing my uterus ripped out while it feels like i have acid going through my stomach, show me another person that can put up with that for a week let alone 10 years, this is why I am amazing. I am still going to wake up tomorrrow and even if its still there I am going to tell it to go fuck itself, because any pain that it can show me in one day is nothing compared to 10 years...if you dont get that yet, jesus does and for him I am thankful I can confidently say "I know what it means to suffer" and on the day I meet him He WILL SAY " I am proud, you put up with suffering when others can not you sacrificed pain on yourself to make others happy and feel good. and I will say I am glad I could make you proud by turning the other cheek and rising every day."
yoday I am happy and that is all this post it about :)